Friday, January 2, 2009

Guaranteed Returns

You won't hear much right now about guaranteed returns in mainstream investment markets. There are only a few retailers that speculators are even willing to make positive predictions for this year. Wal-Mart and McDonalds top the list. That says a lot to me. Until things settle down and the roller coaster ride of the stock market begins to level out, we hang in the balance unsure of what will hold strong through the storm.

Years ago, one bit of investment advice given to me really stood out in my mind. There is an investment that has guaranteed returns. Know what it is? Did you know the returns are tax free also? It's called, CUTTING EXPENSES. Revolutionary, eh?

Think of this... If you spend, let's say $200 per week on groceries, cut it down to $150, then you've added $50 of tax free money to your income. Save it, don't just let it melt into something else you're wanting. Shave just a little off each and every expenditure you can, set it aside, then look at your end of the month totals. You'll be surprised.

Here's what I think about this. If we drew up spreadsheets as fancy as some of our 401K statements with graphs and everything, we would be surprised at how profitable we could make our "home" investment look. Plus, we have a bit more control on the day to day operations, unlike some of the greed we've seen going on at Wall Street. You are the CEO of your own company at home. Work it out. :)

Give it a try, what have ya' got to lose? (I bet less than you already have)

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