Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trying a Few New Recipes!

If I have the ingredients, I will try to make nearly anything. Strangely, I usually have a lot of odd ball things to work with so there's usually a high chance I can try it.

I've been a fan of making my own cleaners for years. My favorite book is
Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan. It's dog-eared plenty with pages loose and barely in order, but it's well loved.

Today I was inspired again by Julie at Towards Sustainability to try a few recipes.

Here is one: Dishwashing Liquid
** I ended up subbing lime essential oil because I'd used up my lemon. It works GREAT! The whole non-sudsing thing is different, but that was all. My dishes passed the squeak test, so that's all that mattered to me! I'll be adding this recipe to my repertoire.

And another: Home made Deodorant
** Loved it! Well, at least it feels wonderful. I haven't put it through the full summer sweat test yet. By the ingredients it should kill bacteria pretty well. I love both tea tree oil and witch hazel. The aloe was nice and refreshing to put on. I wasn't able to pry the stinkin' ball out of my roll on deodorant container so I opted for a spray bottle and so far its working. I'll have to monitor the clogging factor for that.

And yet another: Light Moisturizer
** So far so good. It did feel really cool on my face and the glycerin kept the aloe from feeling like a dry mask after a while. I like this combo and I think it wiil be really healthy for my skin.

And hold on, yes, another: Toothpaste
** Well... Let's just say I didn't have the stevia and should've. I'm sure it's a preference thing and the cleaning power was great, but salty peppermint toothpaste was hard for me to use. I'm going to use it until its gone, but I will be adding stevia asap!
I must say that the toothpaste recipe reminds me of what Aunt M showed me as a kid. People can and have used such things as plain baking soda and plain salt to brush with when needed. It's something to consider if you are in a tight spot. :)

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